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Jay Hundert - Music Producer (Indie, Rock, Metal and so on..) My Name is Jay Hundert and I am a full time Music-Producer specialized in everything from SingerSongwriter to Indie via Rock to Metal. I dedicate my time in finding and working with new Talents and see my self as one of the last Artist-Developer. Bands and artists book me because I work with them on their songs, finding their unique sound and as a certified „Music Marketing Specialist“ of Berklee Music New York, also plan their career. It should be every artists goal to have a tailor-made sound, that will make your songs pop out from the thousands of monthly releases. Being a songwriter and multi instrumentalist with a great feeling for melodies and arrangement myself, I have been fortunate to produce a lot of european bands that have managed to start a music-career such as: White Miles Noluntas Liquid Steel High Transition My Fearless Friend Christophon The Westsides Divine Line Elements Yelling Lions Avatrol Vorfreude The Pigeon Boys Eastwood Haze and many more… It comes in handy that I have my own Vintage Studio (including a flat for bands) with all the high end gear (Neve, Manley, Tree Audio, Maag Audio, Avalon, Royer, Neumann,…) that you expect to find in the TOP studios in London, Hollywood, New York etc. I also have a vast collection of vintage guitars, amps and pedals from the 60ties and 70ties that further helps to bring out the best of your song. To name some: Gibson ES 345 from 1959 (Yes, really from 1959!) Fender Telecaster Custom 1965 Gibson Les Paul Custom 1976 Gibson Leas Paul Special 1975 Rickenbacker 330 XII 1975 Epiphone Casino 1962 Two old Vox AC30 and many more You can find my complete gearlist on my page: www.studiohundert.com I am always happy to talk to dedicated musicians and bands. If you have any questions about my work or if you just want to have a chat about the music business, do not hesitate to contact me. Cheers, Jay Hundert Producer-Studio-Label-Marketing-MusicBusiness Coach Please find some time to listen to my productions on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/1193859158/playlist/77okflDUsO5hff3tBBpyvn Please also visit my shop with great music from Austria: www.studiohundert-shop.com


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