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A tour of concerts between the end of September and November organised by UploadSounds throughout the Euregio (Trentino, South Tyrol and Tyrol). The tour seeks to cover the Euregio's territory as extensively as possible, collaborating and involving various venues hosting the concerts: BOOKIQUE (Trento), BASIS (Silandro), DIE BÄCKEREI e p.m.k (Innsbruck), UFO (Brunico), TEATRO DI PERGINE (Pergine), SUDWERK e MUSEION (Bolzano), MOLIN DE PORTEGNACH (Faver), HOTEL CICLAMINO (Pietramurata).

Each date will feature performances by three bands selected from those registered - 1 from Trentino, 1 from South Tyrol and 1 from Tyrol - opening for established headliners.

From 2023, the bands registered for the contest by 22 September 2023 will have priority in the selection by the Upload team for participation in the tour.

TOUR 2023

❯ FRI. 29.09.2023 PAT BURGENER » DIE BÄCKEREI, Innsbruck

Pat Burgener is an Olympic snowboarder and singer-songwriter. 

 As fate spares no man and like many top-level athletes Pat got injured. After a snowboarding injury in 2014, Pat used the time off the snow to work on his second passion: music. He teamed up with his brother, Max aka Oddbox, a guitarist & music producer based in London, to create his band. 
 Inspired by world-class artists like Ben Howard, Matt Corby & Fleetwood Mac, he started writing his own songs based on his life and traveling experiences. 
 His first singles met a great success and allowed him to play at world-class venues like the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2016. 
 Helping Pat to find his balance, music gave him wings to reach new heights in his snowboarding career, even realizing his dream to represent Switzerland at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang where he finished at an amazing 5th place. 
 After 4 EPs that totalled more than 10 million streams on Spotify, Pat is currently working on his debut album whose release is planned in spring 2023. With those upcoming singer-songwriter compositions Pat wants to spread a sunny and bright vibe into the world. Pat explains : "I really wanted to write some music that would bring smiles to people’s faces and make them wanna dance. It became crucial during those uncertain times to stay positive and happy, and I know that music could play a big part in it."

❯ FRI. 06.10.23 LEPRE » BOOKIQUE, Trento

Singer, drummer, percussionist and noisemaker, Lepre's is not a new face in the musical panorama.Already known in the Roman scene with the project Le Sigarette and alongside Lucio Leoni since 2016 as drummer and stable member of the band, Lepre has given birth to a solo project that encompasses all his training as a musician and his experiences, with a conscious impulse towards sound research. "Sick" (released by Trovarobato in May 2022), is his debut album, a work with a bold taste, with 'anti-pop' connotations in which melodies are consciously contaminated by more experimental parts that manage to free Lepre's music from the need to define itself in a single genre.


Shanti Powa is a 10-piece big band fromItaly that produces a powerful mix of various genres with lyrics in English,German and Italian. Since the project was founded back in 2010 the band made itself a name,playing hundreds of shows aroundEurope and releasing 4 studio albums and numerous singles. Their songs are played by radio stations in over 160 countries worldwide. Shanti Powa doesn't have a specific target audience. At their live shows they bring together all kinds of people, no matter their age or music preferences. Diversity Is a prevailing characteristic of the band,as they create a unique mix of Reggae,Funk, Rap, Dub, Dancehall, Rock and Ska.Each song with a message, each show with a distinctive atmosphere involving everyone. As their name states: “Shanti”for peace and “Powa” for the special energy in their songs and at their shows. Besides performing at some of the most important music festivals inEurope (such as Boomtown Fair inUK or Rototom Sunsplash in Spain),in December 2022 they will bring theShanti vibe to the United States, at the infamous 9:30 Club in Washington Opening for Hip Hop Legend Rakim as part of the International Anti-Corruption

❯ FRI. 13.10.23 KITANA » p.m.k, Innsbruck

Kitana is the antithesis of influencer and hipster new wave rap. She is the worst nightmare of all Industry Plants and plastic rappers which she exposes, line for line, with ease through punchline rap on modern Punchline Rap on modern beats. If you listen to the songs of the 24-year-old Viennese with Balkanroots it also quickly becomes clear that she has done her homework: she represents a category of artists which are rarely heard in German rap (in contrast to America) and are rarely to be found. Contemporary flows, melodies and style - but at the same time her lyrical level can compete with that of classic MC's and old hip hop heads. When she raps, it sounds like Young MA and Shindy had a child who was about to become the little sister of 070 Shake. And at first glance it might not be immediately clear, whether it's a man or a woman rapping, because neither her androgynous voice nor the contents give it away.

“Hab eine Miss in meinem Raum, ich f halt gerne mit Frauen, ja ich f halt gern mit Frauen”

❯ SAT. 14.10.23 KINGSWOOD » UFO, Brunico

Established in 2009, Kingswood rose to success with a number of achievements. They have released6 studio albums to critical acclaim, with a number of singles achieving Gold and Platinum status.ARIA nominations for best rock album on their debut, with consecutive top 10 charts releases for their first three albums. Their most recent album "Home." debuted at No.1 on the ARIA AustraliaCountry Music chart where it has been positioned for 3 weeks consecutively. The band have also toured extensively around Australia and the World supporting the likes of AC/DC on their nationalAustralian Tour and Aerosmith locally at stadiums. Kingswood are currently undertaking a record breaking run of shows with more than 100 shows announced for the first phase of the Australian"Hometowns" tour-in support of their new album "Home." The band are incredibly excited and motivated to bring this new wave of southern rock to Europe and beyond.

❯ FRI. 20.10.23 SO BEAST » FOYER DEL TEATRO, Pergine

So Beast are Katarina Poklepovic and Michele Quadri, both producers, beat makers, musicians and composers of mixed backgrounds, based in the countryside of Bologna. The path of So Beast, for many years, has been mainly focused on free improvisation,experimentation, multimedia art and radio art.They have curated several radio art podcasts(World Wide Breast for radio Tsunami in Chile, Lungs Dance for Galleriapiu and OOXXYY for Narkissos Gallery in Bologna). For years they have been touring the deepest underground scene in Europeand the Balkans.The spark in the musical dialogue was ignited in 2015, when, within the circuit of the Bologna social center XM24, the duo began experimenting with the piano and a drum machine, following their own aesthetic-sound flow. Their stylistic identity is made of psychedelic, pop, punk, noise-avantgarde, rap, contemporary world music sounds, but never easy to box in a defined category. Experimentation and revolution are the key words behind their sound, which becomes a true existential approach. December 2016 sees the release of their first album Kira on the California-based independent label Time Released Sound. In 2019 comes Fit Unformal for Bologna-based Oh Dear records and U-Bac, a German label. The following year they released the EP Superblack for UR-sounds, while 2021 they released a few singles, Punch and Multyplayer (NEEDN'T).In the last year they performed at Dr Martens Fest, Beaches Brew and JAzzwerkstatt in Switzerland. They inaugurate a permanent stay on Radio Raheem, with their own monthly program Abstract Boombox. The So Beast break explore new artistic territories, not only embracing different languages and genres, but getting in touch with art forms that transcend music. They dialogue with fashion, collaborating with Marco Rambaldi for the synchronizations of his fashion shows during Milan Fashion Week in 2020/21/22.In 2023 they return with a new production, and release their last year, BRILLA on March 31. For Neednt' and La Tempesta.The So Beast break the boundaries of art, genres and language. They experiment, mix,unite and dialogue without ever imposing limits on themselves. All this always seeking a very high level of quality and productions with an international imprint.

❯ SAT. 21.10.23 SKIANTOS » SUDWERK, Bolzano

Since 1977, the Skiantos have been a cult-band appreciated by a host of die-hard admirers, "hard core" followers of the demential. Creators and propagators of the genre, style, as well as the adjective demential (which by their own definition means a "cocktail of irony,improvisation, almost surreal poetry, silliness, paradoxes and strokes of genius"), the Skiantos have continued undaunted to produce records on the edge of irony, which is their favorite key.The founding members, all baptized with demential stage names, were: Roberto Antoni a.k.a. 'Freak', a DAMS graduate with a thesis on the Beatles; Andrea Setti a.k.a. 'Jimmi Bellafronte', a surveyor and singer for pleasure; Stefano 'Spisni Sbarbo' Cavedoni, a DAMS undergraduate, prose actor, clown,poet and singer; and Fabio Testoni (a.k.a. 'Dandy Bestia'), a neo-professional guitarist and militant rocker; have accompanied them throughout their very long career for shorter or longer periods many other very good musicians, including Leo 'tormento' Pesto Duro, Andy Bellombrosa, Frankie Grossolani, Gianni Lo Grezzo, Carlo Atti 'Charlie Molinella,' Lucio bellagamba, Sandro Belluomo,Marco 'Marmo' Nanni, Granito Morsiani, Luca 'Tornado' Testoni, Max 'Magnus' Magnani, Gianluca La Molla' Schiavon, etc. The Skiantos intervened in the language of words and behavior, choosing to be banal, 'stupid,' allusive,exaggerated and aggressive as opposed to the rhetoric of 'good feelings' and the prosopopoeia of the songwriters. They picked up signals from youthful slang to contaminate the insufferable "common sense" mode. To a supposed "high poetics" as a great artist they countered a "low poetics" as a disconnected artist.After the death of Roberto 'Freak' Antoni, the group decided to continue the activity in his memory.

❯ SAT. 04.11.23 ALEX NERI (Tenax, Planet Funk) » MUSEION, Bolzano

Alex Neri has been making an influential contribution to modern electronic dance music since the early 1990’s.Alex kicked off his career at a very young age, when his first step into the music scene saw him DJ at various clubs in the Tuscany region of Italy. These were the years of new wave, electro funk and garage influenced house music of the 90s, and Alex quickly became well known across the globe for his own unique Italo style productions.Alongside his success as an international DJ, he also forged a long term working relationship with Marco Baroni. They have produced many classic records together under many different aliases, with one of the most popular being Kamasutra Whose releases were worshiped on a global scale.In 1995 Alex created Planet Funk, releasing two superb club records before this developed into a fully fledged band project. Their first official single asa band was ‘Chase the Sun In 1999 which rapidly became a global radio hit and led to multiple album and single releases and industry wide acclaim. To date the band have released five studio albums,a ‘Best Of’ and are now currently finalizing their sixth album, which is due out in 2022.At the very core, Alex's passion remains in the clubs, where he can best express his pure love for music. Always innovative, his DJ sets are a fantastic marriage between experimental sounds and the hottest house and techno tracks from around the world.


Soviet Soviet is a band born in Pesaro in 2008 and currently composed by Matteo Sideri(guitar), Andrea Giometti (bass/vocals) and Alessandro Ferri(drums).The trio started to gain notoriety in 2009, with a handful of self-produced singles and a very long tour full of dates. The band's notoriety grew steadily thanks to exceptional live performances and the EP "Summer, Jesus" released in 2011.The immediacy that characterizes Soviet Soviet's live dimension was soon brought into the studio, where, thanks to particularly meticulous work, "Fate," their debut album released in November 2013, was born, which is inscribed in the sonic track of the previous EPs. It would be natural to label Soviet Soviets with the adjective "post-punk," although the band is constantly striving to broaden its horizons to different related genres such as coldwave and art-punk, with the aim of achieving ever new sounds. In this wake, on December 2, 2016, "Endless" was released.The album's tracks are featured on several compilations and also counts a remix made by Oliver Ackermann (the singer of A Place To Bury Strangers). It was followed by numerous tours in Italy and around the world (USA, Mexico, South America, Russia and many others).


Jennifer Gentle are perhaps one of the most bizarre and unlikely Italian rock bands ever,so much so that in 2004 they became the first tricolor band to be put under contract by the legendary American label Sub Pop (Nirvana,Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Shins). Over the Years they have collected a long as heterogeneous list of fans (including names such as Graham Coxon, Jarvis Cocker, Julian Cope, Mars Volta and members of Architecture in Helsinki Dandy Warhols) that has turned them into one of the most recognized Italian indie bands abroad. In 2013 Fasolo launched the studio project Universal Daughters,with which he released the album hast Thou forsaken me, a collection of covers belonging to the Anglo-American tradition and interpreted by an international cast in which Jarvis Cocker, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, Alan Vega, Verdena, Mark Arm of Mudhoney and Gavin Friday, among others, appear. In 2019,Tempesta Disks released the seventh LP by the band led by Marco Fasolo.Titled simply Jennifer Gentle and consisting of 17 tracks for sixty minutes of music,this is by far the most complete and at the same time accessible record made by Fasolo (who,after collaborations with Verdena and Bud Spencer Blues Explosion,produced the debut album by I Hate My Village).

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